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Our Structured, Supervised Detox Plan

Enrolling in a drug rehab facility like Jarvis Recovery is the first step in recovery. It may feel like an overwhelming choice to make, but it will ultimately provide the path to health and recovery. At our drug detox clinic in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we focus on ensuring a safe recovery through supervised detox and personal treatment plans. Additionally, we have fostered a community within the rehab so that each member may feel understood and free to talk openly. Through positivity and supervision, we help every client feel at ease and ready to make healthy changes.


What To Expect

Coming to our addiction recovery center is a great choice if you’re ready to make a change, but what can you expect? First of all, our supervised detox program offers a helpful support system so clients can detox without feeling alone. Additionally, our dual diagnosis options and group therapy help clients approach detox from all angles. With our support, it’s possible to make lifelong positive changes thanks to the solid community we can place behind each individual. When our clients are ready to leave our addiction recovery facility, there’s no need to worry about feeling isolated or incapable. We provide aftercare so each client can feel connected to our community and permanently stick to the positive choices made in addiction recovery.


Supervised Detox

The biggest advantage our clients have when visiting Jarvis Recovery or any of our other locations is that we provide supervised detox. There’s no need to go through something as challenging as detox alone. With our supervision, every client can make positive, long-lasting changes. Our substance abuse treatment facility understands the kind of support clients need during the detox process, giving every one a solid and structured path to health.


Dual Diagnosis

Without help, detox can feel like an insurmountable challenge. However, it becomes even more complicated when individuals face a co-occurring mental health disorder, such as depression or bipolar disorder. Every client is different, and our addiction treatment facility understands the importance of dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Each client deserves a specialized treatment program in order to maximize success and stability. When we take into account erratic behavior, severe mood changes, and other sources of hardship, it becomes easier to create a complete picture and individualized treatment plan. Our addiction treatment center can then focus on everything our clients need to successfully detox and stay healthy.



If we could change one thing about drug rehab centers across the nation, it would be to foster a sense of community inside each and every center. At all of our locations, we’ve found that one of the most helpful aspects of our detox program is the community. It is no longer toxic to spend time with people who face similar problems. Instead, it’s a source of strength, as every client works hard each day to make positive, healthy choices. With this in mind, our clients can feel the understanding and support necessary to make lifelong changes, all from individuals who know exactly what they’re going through. At the end of the day, our rehab center’s sense of community is one of our favorite qualities.



Along with a sense of community comes openness and freedom. Our addiction recovery program does not force clients to lie or hide details of their lives. Instead, we want clients to feel safe and comfortable when speaking to us and members of the community. This is one of the most important steps when it comes to successfully detoxing. We encourage all of our clients to speak openly when they’re ready, to get personal, and to share their lives with others in the community. When our clients feel free to be honest, they can begin to foster a sense of ownership over their decisions and ultimately make positive changes that last a lifetime.

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