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Being addicted to drugs is a terrible way to experience life. When you lose the capacity to make the choices due to addiction, your life begins to fall apart. If this sounds familiar, then you need to find the help available from Jarvis Recovery drug rehab centers. When you come to stay at our substance abuse treatment facility in New Britain, Connecticut, you will discover you have the power to stop using drugs and start enjoying sobriety. Here is a look at all the drug rehab benefits we provide.


Our Drug Detox Clinic

Getting through withdrawal is one of the most challenging parts of getting off drugs. You can make it easier on yourself by going through withdrawal inside our drug detox clinic in New Britain. Our staff provides you supervised detox care. You are kept completely safe and comfortable as your body detoxes from the effects of drug abuse. It is a wonderful way to begin your journey to sobriety.


Mental Health Treatment Provided

One of the most important components necessary at a drug rehab facility is mental health treatment. At our New Britain addiction treatment center, we offer a full range of mental health services for our clients. Clients receive the help they need when come to our facility.


A Safe Environment

An area we put focus on is client safety. When you come to our addiction recovery facility in New Britain, you will enjoy the knowledge that your safety is always guaranteed. With this peace of mind, it makes it much easier to summon the courage necessary to boldly open your heart and share your tale of addiction.


A Story of Caring

If you want to get to the heart of our addiction treatment facility in New Britain, it is a tale of caring people who are passionate about rehab treatment. Our staff is simply incredible. They are there for you every time you need them during your stay. The level of care we offer makes all the difference.


Power of the Community

As well as the excellent care you get from our staff, you will also receive tremendous support from your fellow clients. Group therapy will be the foundation of your addiction treatment program. During these meetings, you will go through some heavy emotions that the support of the community in rehab make bearable.


Customized Recovery Plan

One of the great things about our New Britain addiction recovery center is that you we provide each client with an individualized addiction recovery program. This customized treatment provides you with your best chance to make it through rehab successfully. We monitor your progress and adjust the treatment as needed to keep you moving efficiently towards your goal.


Aftercare Programs

When you leave rehab, you need a lot of support to stay sober. We will provide you with a supportive aftercare program when you leave our addiction treatment center in New Britain. It gives you structure and assistance to help you continue walking the sober path.


Honesty Is Essential

Jarvis Recovery provides everything you need to get sober, but it is up to you to take the necessary steps. When you are in rehab, you have to be fully honest if you expect lasting recovery. It is only with true honesty that you will be able to make it to your sober future.


It isn’t easy to stop using drugs, but you know you have the power to do it. All you need to do is reach out for the help we offer at our addiction recovery facility in New Britain. It will take a lot of hard work and dedication on your part, but we give you every tool you need to stop using drugs and start living the sober life. Make the brave move to get sober today inside our drug rehab facility in New Britain, Connecticut.

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