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he process of addiction is fairly simple, a lot simpler than actually going through it. It has structure and focus, but is always based upon the needs and situation of the client. After eliminating denial, you will be able to enter our drug rehab center for the personalized addiction treatment program that is based on your needs and comprehensively altered to ensure your recovery plan continues to meet them.

Our Mission

When you first come to our addiction treatment facility, you will begin treatment in our drug detox clinic for supervised withdrawal. While your body expels the harmful toxic chemicals that keep you dependent upon your drug of choice, you will experience unpleasant symptoms and side effects. 

Our Vision

It is imperative that we watch over you, monitor your progress, and make sure it goes as smoothly as possible while being comfortable and safe.

Our Values

After overcoming detox, you will go to personal therapy sessions with a counselor who will help you craft your customized addiction treatment plan that will help you overcome this disease while you are in our drug rehab clinic and beyond.

This is also where you will be screened for additional underlying mental health disorders that exacerbate your condition. After learning how to vent, share your experiences, and receive advice in a private setting, you will move on to doing so in a group setting.

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Supervised Detox
As you leave our substance abuse treatment facility, you will depart not only with your comprehensive addiction treatment plan in hand, you will leave with the love and support of everyone you’ve met, including clients and professionals at the center.
Holistic Approach
While you learn, you will make friends and form bonds that will last after you have left our addiction recovery center and into aftercare.
Dual Diagnosis
The next step is to take therapy a bit further in group therapy sessions. Here you will work with your peers to share you stories and exchange insightful, invaluable advice that will teach you the best ways to avoid temptation and triggers while dealing with the inevitable cravings and impulses.
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